Thank you for the wonderful service you have given my Mom Evelyn McIntyre.  The visits were prompt, efficient and always enjoyable for Mom.

Best of Luck
Debbie McIllwraith

I have been hearing impaired and worn several sets of hearing aids over a period of years.  After many hearing tests at different dispensaries and visits to local ENT’s, I came to you for my annual hearing test.  After you tested me I followed your advice to see my ENT again.  I appreciate the fact that you didn’t try to sell me a hearing aid, but instead were genuinely concerned about my hearing health and recommended that I return to my ENT.  As it turns our I am waiting for the Regional Hospital to call and book my surgery to hopefully regain a good portion of my hearing.

I greatly appreciate your recommendation; this could mean I may not have to wear hearing aids again, once I’ve had the surgery.  I just want you to know that you’re the first person who performed a hearing test on me that pushed for me to seek medical clearance, before fitting me with a hearing aid or aids.  Without your advice, I may have never have known that surgery was an option for me.

Thank you

Stephen Doukis