Ear Plugs

The Ears 4 You “Commitment to Hearing Protection” means we are committed to you.  We offer a wide variety of ear plugs for your every day needs.  Ear plugs protect the user’s ears from loud noises or the invasion of water, dust or excessive wind. Each style of ear plugs are available in many different colour combinations.

We have the following ear plugs available at our locations:

Musician Plugs\In Ear Monitors

Musicians often wear earplugs to prevent their performances from harming their hearing.  Musicians’ earplugs are designed to ease sounds evenly.  These are commonly used by musicians and technicians, both in concert and in the studio, to avoid overexposure to high volume levels.  Musicians may also use in-ear monitors.  These are essentially headphones that also work as earplugs.

Sleep Plugs

Sleep Plugs are earplugs specifically made for sleeping.  They block external sounds that prevent or disrupt sleep and are made to be as comfortable as possible.  Specialized earplugs for noises such as a partner’s snoring may contain enhancements that ensure the user is still able to hear other noises, such as an alarm clock.

Ear Plugs

Hearing protection takes many different forms, but for general noise protection from your home workshop to business or industry, ear plugs are the most effective option and work well for almost everyone.

Swim Plugs

Custom swim plugs block water from entering the ear canal which can help prevent infection.  They are floatable and come with strings and handles.